Hello, I'm Jake Parrott

A web designer and creative strategist from Kansas City.

Jake Parrott, Freelance Web Designer in Kansas City


I create impressive websites, design visually appealing brands & produce digital marketing solutions that work.

With over 15 years of experience, I bring professionalism, midwest friendliness, and creative knowledge to the table.  I work effectively and pay attention to the details.  Many of my clients are long term relationships that have been built on trust and delivered success.  

I grew up in the Kansas City area and now reside in Lenexa, KS.

I have been a creative person my entire live. I started working on websites in 2005.

I love BBQ. Throughout the year, its common for me to have the smoker going out back.

I'm an Eagle scout and now run a cub scout pack for youth in the Lenexa area.

I work remotely full-time and work with clients all over the United States.

I love logic puzzles or anything that can challenge my problem solving skills.

I have a life goal of visiting every national park in the US. Im currently at 11 of 63.

My family are big into Disney/Pixar and might visit the parks a little too often.

I enjoy drawing, painting, woodworking and creating board games.


I've gained experience working with some incredible companies and now I share that experience through freelance/contract services.

Over the years, I’ve built some amazing relationships and built hundreds of WordPress websites. Each one of them is as unique as those they represent.

Because of my extensive experience on marketing teams, I go beyond building websites and provide branding, graphic design, and marketing strategies as part of my partnerships.

A recent project of mine was a website redesign for akoyaGO.

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