Jake Parrott Creative

Kansas City...Home to great BBQ, nice people, and Jake Parrott Creative.

Jake Parrott is a freelance web designer & developer in Kansas City

How I Do Business

Strong Relationships

Some will build you a website, take your money and then disappear as soon as the site is launched. Not me! I believe in building strong relationships with clients so that I can better understand and help them achieve their goals.

Communication is Key

Good communication is key. I listen to your needs, help you though the thought process, and make sure projects run smooth. I'm known for breaking down complicated tech talk to make it easy for everyone to understand.

Quick Turn Around

Every client has different needs when it comes to timing. As someone with years of experience with the entire web design process, I can help clients that are short on time.

Flexible Pricing

I offer fair and flexible pricing for all of my services. Everything is discussed up front with no hidden fees. I can work with your budget or offer you a range of options and let you choose what works best for you.

Attention to Detail

Im a detail oriented person. Pixel perfect is the name of the game. When I deliver a website or other creative project, I make sure that it is of the upmost quality. Cutting corners and mediocre work don't fly with this guy.

Solutions Driven

I have years of experience in the creative world. With hundreds of websites and other creative projects under my belt, I've seen countless ways to approach a challenge.

Jake Parrott Creative, founded in 2006, is located in Lenexa KS, in the Kansas City area.  Providing innovative and meaningful creative solutions for clients nationally and in all industries.

A Little About Me

Like everyone, I was born. Soon after, I started drawing and loved it. Then got a computer and was instantly hooked. I thought, what could be better than creating art on a computer. And thats how it all began.

To prove that I was committed to the craft of digital art, I attended Missouri State University where I earned a BFA in computer animation while studying enjoying my time with web design and development.

Through my career, I have become an accomplished web design leader with over 15 years of experience managing the design and implementation of multiple websites and online applications for desktop and mobile.  Focused on delivering user centered design from consumer insight, data analytics, research metrics, and business requirements.

I have worked in B2C and B2B markets, been a part of IT and marketing teams, been involved with senior management and handle internal and external clients across several industries.  I bring experience, professionalism and wisdom to the table.

This is my wife and I at Plateau Point in the Grand Canyon. A beautiful and challenging hike.

Things I Enjoy

Creating awesome websites

Solving creative problems

Painting murals

Running a cub scout pack

Spending time with my family

Creating board games

Things I'm not so good at

Drinking coffee

Filling out extensive paperwork

Imitating a car salesman