Jake Parrott Creative

Video Production

Get professional videos made to educate, promote, or remember.

Turning napkin concepts into memorable video experiences

I offer a comprehensive approach to video production.  I look at your brand and business, your values and your target audience, in order to deliver a video solution that not only visually engages, but ensures you achieve your business goals.

To keep things simple, and everyone collaborating effectively, I find this is best with these steps:


Meet to discuss the goals of your video project.  Where it is going to be used, how long we would roughly like it to be and any deadlines.


Gather all the content.  Imagery, text, video clips and other creative that would be used in the video.


 A storyboard will be designed so you can see the overall flow of the video.  This is a great time to make any adjustments to the key parts of the video structure.


Your video will be assembled, edited, and any special effects, transitions, audio will be fine tuned here to give you a polished professional video.


Once you've had a chance to review and approve the video, the video can be provided in its final format ready for publishing on your go to video platform.

Your Investment

For flexibility and needs, I provide two different methods for your investment.  Each have their own benefits.  Below are the details of these methods along with the investment for your project.

Hourly Investment

$ 65 /hour
  • All work is invoiced monthly
  • Estimates prior to any work completed

Monthly Investment

$ 500 /monthly
  • 100 hours of video production services
  • Use your time any point during the year
  • All work time tracked by project

Choose Hourly If:

  • You have just one or two video needs
  • You have an in-house team, but just need a quick boost in support

Your Pain Points:

  • You struggle with coming up with a finished video
  • You dont have the software or time to complete

Choose Monthly If:

  • You want someone to be your “go to guy” for video.
  • You have a lot of upfront video needs, but need to spread out the budget
  • You want a long-term relationship with experts who have your best interests in mind

Your Pain Points:

  • You dont have the staff to support in-house production
  • You’d like help from a professional
  • You have several projects lined up, and you don’t have the capital to pay up front.