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Custom WordPress Website Design, Development & Support

I am a WordPress web designer and developer in Kansas City.

WordPress Web Design and Development

Awesome custom designed WordPress websites for your business.  WordPress is a leading content management system with powerful functionality and flexible design capabilities.  

For over 15 years, I’ve created online success for organizations and individuals.  I provide a comprehensive approach to web design and development.  I analyze your brand and business, your values and your target audience, in order to deliver a custom web solution that not only visually engages, but ensures you achieve your business goals and improve your return on investment.

To keep things simple, and everyone collaborating effectively, I work along these steps:

Initial Planning

We discuss the features and functionality that your website needs.

We explore website hosting options. Once determined, I set up a WordPress development environment for the website so it can be built without interfering with any existing websites.  

WordPress Web Design Planning

UX & UI Design

Like choice? Once we’ve determined the best structure for the website, I deliver multiple homepage design concepts for you to see.

This brainstorming and comparison part is often where the best ideas come from! Once a clear option has been chosen, I move forward with any adjustments you have noted.

WordPress web designer and developer in Kansas City


Now that we have a design, I start the copywriting process and together we will put your ideas down through the “voice” of your new brand. 

Any photos or videos to use on the website will be gathered at this stage.  If visual assets are needed, I also provide graphic design services.

WordPress Web Design Copywriting and Content

WordPress Website Development

Using everything we have gathered, I start developing your website. Once it is done, I will present it to you and go through the details and finishing touches following the objectives we originally set.

Any amends are made at this stage.

WordPress Web Design and Development


The launch process has to be carefully considered. I ensure email addresses will not go down, the site doesn’t have any downtime, any old links are re-directed to the new pages, as well as several other things. 

I work with you to determine the best launch date, and you can rest easy knowing that once I start the launch process, I closely monitor the website to ensure everything goes according to plan. 

Once launched, its recommended that you continue to produce fresh content for your website to improve its SEO.

WordPress Web Design Launch

Hosting & Support

Every website needs a host.  You may already have a web host that you want to continue to use, but if not, I provide web hosting services utilizing a fast, reliable and secure host that is optimized for WordPress websites. 

Here is what to expect with my year round hosting and maintenance services:

I check your website monthly for any WordPress or plugin updates that need to happen to keep the website up to date.  Sometimes, there are big updates that require website testing to make sure things upgrade smoothly.  This is all covered.

Sometimes you have changes or updates that you want to make to your website after launch.  I make these changes and updates for you.   With my subscription investment option, you get 24 hours a year included at no additional cost.

Occasionally, there is the need for server maintenance, updates, and website troubleshooting if there is ever downtime or issues.  This is where I come in to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

WordPress websites are good at their base level, but there are many great WordPress plugins available that make the website perform even better.  They can increase speed, search engine performance, improve security, and optimize the user experience on different devices. 

Many of these plugins require an annual subscription to continue to use.  Depending on your website needs, there may be several Plugin subscriptions needed to keep your website running smoothly. 

If you utilize hosting from me, these are included in the hosting price.

Basically, I take care of the website, so you can focus more on your business.

Your Investment

For flexibility and needs, I provide two different methods for your investment.  Each have their own benefits.  Below are the details of these methods along with the investment for your project.

Upfront Investment

starting at
$ 1500  
  • Website Design & Development

Monthly Investment

starting at
$ 150 /monthly
  • Website Design & Development
  • Hosting & Support

Choose Upfront If…

  • You want to use your own hosting
  • You want to categorize the project as a capital expense versus marketing expense
  • You have in-house tech resources to manage, maintain, and update the site

Your Pain Points:

  • Your site is outdated
  • You have tech savvy staff, but you need a professional to get you started

Choose Monthly If…

  • You want someone to “do it for me”
  • You don’t want large upfront investments
  • You want a long-term relationship with experts who have your best interests in mind

Your Pain Points:

  • Your site is outdated
  • You’d like help from a professional web company
  • You need a site soon, and you don’t have the capital to pay up front

Extra: WordPress Training

Once your website is launched, its time for plan for fresh content and updates.  If you are interested in making minor website edits yourself, I provide virtual training sessions to train you or someone on your team on how to use WordPress and any supporting plugins.  

This training is done using your website, so you get first hand experience making edits in your environment.

Learn more about my WordPress education and training.

Working with Me

As an experienced WordPress web designer and developer in Kanas City, I bring professionalism, midwest friendliness, and creative knowledge to the table.  I work effectively and pay attention to the details.  Many of my clients are long term relationships that have been built on trust and delivered success.